11 items to recycle at home

11 Items to Recycle at Home

by Cheryl Moreo

Recycle at home should be only recycling pop cans and paper. Below is a list of the most common items, where, and how to repurpose them. So make a game of recycling at home and repurposing your stuff.

Recycle at Home

11 items to recycle at home


Trade It In. It wasn’t precisely a trade-in, but when they delivered our new refrigerator, they removed the old one.

Sell It. If it is in working order, you might be able to sell it to an appliance reseller or have a garage sale.

Donate it. Check your local charities and churches who might need it.

Scrap it. Scrap metal dealers accept some appliances.

Wait for your community dump day/recycling event.


Best Buy recycles electronics and appliances. Check out the web page on what they recycle. The list includes TV and video, computers and tablets, cell phones and radios, appliances, ink, toner, audio, music, movies, video games/gadgets, cameras, camcorders, car audio, video, and GPS.


Freecycle. Donate them on Freecycle. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their towns and neighborhoods. 

BookCrossing. Sign up for BookCrossing and follow your books around the world after you donate them. You register and label your book, and then you let it go. You can follow it as it travels. They say, “If you love your book, let it go.” s a lover of books, I think this is the best solution.

Donate your book to Goodwill, a charity, your local library, or a local shelter.

Sell your book on Amazon.


Donate your vehicle to the Salvation Army

Cell Phones

Recycled Cell Phone Gold Will Be Used for 2020 Olympic Medals.

Most of the wireless carriers offer a trade-in/gift card for your old cell phones.

Recycling for Charities This nonprofit features one charity at a time, for which they donate money from recycling old phones. All makes and models are welcome at Recycling for Charities, and the phone condition is not an issue. Instead, they attempt to refurbish it first and then find recycling centers to ensure the materials won’t go into landfills.

Before you donate: Wipe your phone of any personal data (numbers, notes, etc.).


We all have old clothes hanging around or stashed in storage boxes or totes.

Clean them and donate them to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your local clothes pantry.

Donate them to Freecycle.

Sell on eBay or have a yard sale.

Read more about selling, recycling, or donating clothing on Lulus Blog.


Donate your old computer to your local school system or your local library.

Don’t forget that Best Buy also has a recycling program for computers.

Before you donate, Wipe the hard drive to remove any identifying or personal information. Do not count on anyone else to do this for you (e.g., the person taking your donation).


Places to donate eyewear. Check out each organization’s website for information on how to donate old eyewear.

Lions Club  



Donate your old furniture to:

Salvation Army– Click the link to schedule a pickup.


Most animal shelters welcome old or unused linens.

Before you donate, wash the linens and call ahead to see if the shelter is accepting donations.


Donate them to Habitat for Humanity.

Recycle at Home or Repurpose Your Stuff

Earth Day is April 22nd. So let’s do our part by recycling at home to help preserve Mother Earth. What is your household doing to help to protect our environment?

Household Waste Management Guide for Parents – This guide stresses the importance of teaching your children about the significance of an eco-friendly lifestyle and recycling as early as possible.

Guide For Deck Lights Disposal And Recycling -This guide will cover the many facets of light recycling and how users can properly recycle or dispose of light bulbs and other light-related equipment.

Other Home Activities

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