gift ideas for a rigid heddle weaver

15 Best Gift Ideas for a Rigid Heddle Weaver

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a rigid heddle weaver, you can consider items that can enhance their weaving experience, inspire their creativity, or help them with their weaving projects.

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Gift Ideas for a Rigid Heddle Weaver

Gift Ideas for a Rigid Heddle Weaver
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  • High-Quality Yarn: Weavers always appreciate good-quality yarn. Look for unique or hand-dyed yarns in various textures and colors that can add character to their projects.
  • Weaving Accessories: Items like weaving shuttles, heddles, and warping sticks can be helpful in a rigid heddle weaver.
  • Weaving Books: There are many books available that offer weaving patterns, techniques, and inspiration. Look for one that aligns with the weaver’s skill level and interests.
  • Subscription to a Weaving Magazine: A weaving magazine can keep them informed about the latest trends, techniques, and projects in the weaving world.
  • Handmade Weaving Tools: Consider handcrafted weaving tools, such as hand-carved weaving needles or shuttles. They not only serve a practical purpose but also have artistic value.
  • Yarn Swift and Ball Winder: These tools can help the weaver wind their yarn into neat, manageable skeins.
  • Warping Board or Mill: A warping board or mill can make setting up the loom easier and more efficient.
  • Dyeing Kits: If your friend enjoys experimenting with colors, consider a dyeing kit that allows them to create custom yarn colors.
  • Loom Accessories: Accessories like a stand for the rigid heddle loom, extra heddles, or a second heddle kit for more advanced techniques can be very helpful.
  • Gift Cards: If you’re unsure about specific preferences, a gift card to a local yarn shop or an online weaving supply store can be a great choice.
  • Handwoven Items: Consider buying handwoven items such as scarves, shawls, or table runners. Supporting other weavers and adding to their collection can be a wonderful gift.
  • Workshop or Class: Look for local or online weaving workshops or classes your friend can attend to further their skills and knowledge.
  • Weaving Project Kits: Kits that include a pattern, yarn, and all necessary instructions can be a fun and educational gift.
  • Ergonomic Seating: If your friend spends long hours at the loom, consider a comfortable chair or seat cushion to make their weaving sessions more comfortable.
  • Loom Bag or Case: A sturdy bag or case designed to transport and store a rigid heddle loom can be a practical gift.

Remember to take into account the weaver’s level of experience, personal style, and specific interests when selecting a gift. Whether it’s a practical weaving tool or something that inspires creativity, your thoughtful gift will surely be appreciated.

My Favorite Places to Shop for Gifts for a Rigid Heddle Weaver

Yarn, Patterns, Magazines, and Supplies

Gist Yarn

Long Thread Media

The Woolery

Bestseller No. 1
Ashford Double Ended Threading Hook
  • Ashford double ended threading hook
  • Made from strong but flexible acetal nylon.
  • Length 7 1/4 inches (18.4 cm)
Bestseller No. 2
Ashford Heddle Threading Hook
  • Stainless steel hook with nylon handle
  • Total lenth 8 3/8 inches
  • Stainlees hook length 13cm x 3mm x 1mm
Bestseller No. 3
Ashford Rigid Heddle Warping Pegs
  • The Indirect Warping Option is now available on all newer standard Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms. These pegs fit into the factory drilled holes in the underside of your loom. Insert the pegs, wind your warp, remove your warp, remove the pegs, flip your loom over, and start tying on your warp. See the tutorial at Ashford’s web, search “indirect”.
  • Turn your Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom into a warping board. Benefits of indirect warping are: Flexibility to use one thread of one colour, saves space, ensures even warp lengths and better tension control.
  • Set of 14 Warping Pegs. Peg length 4.75 inches (12 cm). Peg diameter 7/16 inches (11mm).
  • Fits the newer standard models of Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom that have holes predrilled in the bottom of the loom. 2020 and newer loom models: 16, 24, 32, and 48 inch (RH400, RH600, RH800, and RH1200). Does not fit the Ashford SampleIt Looms, Knitter’s Looms, or Table Looms.
  • Maximum warp lengths for each size loom are: 16″ (40cm) – 15.5′ (4.7m). 24″ (60cm) – 22.0′ (6.7m). 32″ (80cm) – 28.5′ (8.7m). 48″ (120cm) – 41.5′ (12.7m).
Bestseller No. 4
Weave•Knit•Wear: Simply Fabulous Clothing and Accessories for Rigid Heddle (and Other) Weavers
  • XRX Publishing
  • 499991709540
  • XRX-64291
  • Shangold, Judith (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
Bestseller No. 5
Loom, Weaving Looms, Rigid Heddle Loom, Professional Weaving Loom, Looms for Weaving Adult, Rigid Heddle Loom Accessories, Loom is Compact, Lightweight, Portable and Strong.
  • Lightweight, portable and strong with a convenient cut out for weaving and carrying.
  • Now with an adjustable tension peg that allows for 25cm (10”) warp adjustment.
  • Warp length 1m (39″) to 1.8m (70”).
  • Warp width up to 50mm (2”).
  • Material: wood.

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