Unplug Yourself from Technology

3 Tips to Help You Unplug Yourself from Technology

Unplug Yourself from Technology

Unplug yourself from technology because life is about living, not taking yourself out of every moment to sit staring at your phone. Yes, technology is addicting, and app makers know that. But, unfortunately, social media is designed to keep people scrolling to see more ads, and social media companies can make more money.

It’s no wonder that people eventually search for articles on how to unplug from technology. But never fear: we’ve probably all been through a heavy technology phase, and I am here to offer advice for to help you unplug yourself from technology.

Maybe you’ve just gotten one of the Banff homes for sale but can’t even enjoy it due to your technology obsession. Listen up. Here are some pointers.

unplug yourself from technology

1. Log Out of Social Media

Logging out of social media on your computer, tablet, and smartphone is an easy first step to eliminating your technology obsession. It’s so effortless to jump back into Instagram or Facebook without even realizing it. To get around this, log out of all your accounts and turn off notifications. You’d then have to log in to see anything or get notifications. Take this time to forget those unimportant things and live here and now.

If you fear missing out (FMO), let your social media friends know that you will unplug yourself from technology and will be offline and for how long.

2. Move Technology to Another Room

unplug yourself from technology

Whether your obsession is with your phone, tablet, laptop, or gaming console, one thing you can do to keep it out of your mind is to put it out of sight. You know how it goes: you get a notification, open up the culprit, and then 30 minutes have passed. So take all the devices you can’t seem to forget and put them in a closet or spare room, either long-term or just for the night.

 Because you would have to get them and hook them up again, keeping your phone or gaming console out of sight or within easy reach lessens their influence on you.

3. Replace It with Something

board games

If you need to unplug yourself from technology but are bored without it, replace it with something! Suppose you want to forget your social media accounts for the weekend. Taking these distractions away frees you to enjoy once again your new home or a new hobby or other things that bring calmness, warmth, and beauty to your life. Fill your time with board games, walks with friends or family, or a day out shopping. Do something that will hold your attention for hours.

When you’re that involved with something, your mind won’t even wander back to those accounts of yours.

Yes, Unplugging Yourself from Technology Has Benefits

Unplugging from technology is a healthy thing to do if you find yourself spending a bit too much time with your face on a screen. Trust yourself to forget those things for a while, and your mental health will surely benefit.

Here is a list of some of the benefits:

  • Unplugging reboots your brain. You should feel less stressed.
  • You will sleep better.
  • Experts say that you will experience better health.

The above list is just a few benefits of unplugging yourself from technology. You may enjoy the calmness of unplugging yourself from technology and decide to unplug regularly. For example, maybe you choose to have no social media on the weekends.

If you did get that new home, you could now enjoy it!

new home

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