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7 Lap Robe Patterns Using Different Crafts

by Cheryl Moreo

Lap Robe–What is it?

Whether you call it a lapghan, lap robe, or lap blanket, you will agree they are comfy. Now, you can make your own in all these 7 crafts.

Definition of lap robe by Merriam-Webster Dictionary

 A covering (such as a blanket) for the legs, lap, and feet especially of a passenger in a car or carriage.”

For me, a lap robe or lapghan is what I cozy up with while working on my iPad or laptop or watching TV. I love to have my legs and feet covered. If large enough, they can be used as stadium blankets when you go to your favorite cold-weather outdoor sport. I also keep one in the car.

However, they are also appreciated by persons in wheelchairs, nursing homes, and senior centers. Several quilt groups are making quilts for Veterans in this area of the country.

A lap robe might be crochet, knitted, sewn, woven or quilted. Blankets come in all sizes to suit a particular purpose. When you search Google for “lap blanket size chart,” many charts are available.

A Sampling of Lap Robes (Something for Everyone)

1. Crochet

Lap Throw by Red Heart Yarns

Crochet Lap Robe
7 Lap Robe Patterns Using Different Crafts 1

One Jumbo Skein of Red Heart Super Saver is all you need to crochet this throw. The Skill Level is Easy.

2. Knit

Bold and Bright Lapghan by Julie Hines for Red Heart

7 Lap Robe Patterns Using Different Crafts 2

This blanket is knit in garter stitch squares and pieced together.

Another resource:  Learn about knitting blankets – Knitting a Blanket.

3. No Sew

No-Sew Fleece Blanket with Braided Edge by Cutesy Crafts.

fleece blanket
7 Lap Robe Patterns Using Different Crafts 3

You can make this braided edge lap blanket using two one-yard pieces of fleece.

4. Quilt

Sorry, but this pattern is no longer available.

Free Lap Quilt Patterns by Ludlow Quilt and Sew

quilt lap robe
7 Lap Robe Patterns Using Different Crafts 4

From the UK, these free lap quilt patterns are designed to give you a simple and easy way to make a quilt that could be tucked around your lap while reading or watching television.

5. Sew

DIY Throw Blanket Tutorial by Making Lemonade

Throw Blanket
7 Lap Robe Patterns Using Different Crafts 5

Sew a double-sided blanket using two thick flannel fabrics.

6. Up-cycled

Up-cycled Sweater Quilt from Made By Barb

quilt made from sweaters
7 Lap Robe Patterns Using Different Crafts 6

Barb pieced 9″ square sweater pieces into this Up-cycled Sweater Quilt using a three-thread serger.

7. Woven

Hanna Blanket Weaving Kits by The Woolery

Woven Blanket
7 Lap Robe Patterns Using Different Crafts 7

Blanket Kits include warp and weft with Swedish blanket wool. Makes a 48″ x 60″ blanket (42″ x 54″ after finishing). A double-weave blanket suited either to a multi-harness loom or a rigid heddle loom with two heddles. The Kit includes instructions for weaving and finishing.

Weaving Looms-Which One is Right for You

Now, which one of these lap robes that are smaller than a blanket will you make?

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