Weaving Wednesday

A Worthwhile Weaving Wednesday-July 13, 2022

Weaving Wednesday

Weaving Wednesday

Welcome, to the Weaving Wednesday.

Today, you will find information on tablet weaving, buying a suitable loom for yourself, and a stash-buster-free pattern.

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Card or Tablet Weaving

Years ago, I was introduced to card weaving by my local spinning and weaving guild.

If you are looking for something steeped in history and fun to do, you should try tablet weaving. By using cards with four holes punched into them. Dating back to the Iron Age, this style of a 4-thread tablet is the original form of tablet weaving.

Sample tablet weaving card.

The warp threads are passed through the holes, and the tablets are stacked like a pack of cards. Finally, the warp threads are stretched from the weaver to a fastening point.

This form of weaving is warp-facing, which means the weft isn’t seen, and the surface of the weave is made from the warp strings. The warp strings twist around each other in pairs of 4 while the weft interlocks them together, so the finished product is extremely strong. 

Tablet Woven Bands

You can find books on tablet weaving on Amazon.

The Woolery has both books and tablet weaving supplies.

Thinking About Buying a Loom

Rigid Heddle Loom, Table Loom, or Floor Loom: Which weaving loom is suitable for you?

If you are considering buying a loom, I recommend you read my post on “Which Loom is Right for You.


Coasters for a Rigid Heddle Loom from Gist Yarn

coasters for a rigid heddle loom
Gist Yarn Image

The perfect stash-buster-free pattern.

Designed by Amanda Rataj

Coasters are an excellent way to use up small amounts of leftover yarn. They’re so quick and easy to make that even an absolute beginner can make a set in an afternoon. Also, because this project requires so little material, it’s ideal for testing color, various types of yarn, and practicing your weaving skills, like clean selvedges and hemstitching.

My Weaving Posts

You can find my weaving blog posts here. Also, my recommended patterns are here.

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