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About Cheryl is more About You.

About Cheryl

Hello Friend!

Welcome, new friend.  I am super excited you found your way here. Yes, this is the About Cheryl page, but first, let’s talk about what is important to you!

Why do you love your hobby.

Why do you care so much about your hobby (knitter, crocheter, weaver, needleworker, quilter, rug hooker, dyer, cooking, gardener, etc.?)

Do you enjoy groups or do you prefer to craft alone?

I get you. Any time I have tried to knit in a public group, I always make mistakes in my knitting. Through the magic of the internet, you can stay in the comfort of your home and not craft alone. I am here to encourage and inspire you. Sometimes, I may be able to help you with problem areas.

Through my newsletter, Saturday Greetings, and in our private group, The Fiber Closet Club, you will get almost daily inspiration. My blogs provide tutorials and information on all sorts of crafts.

Ok, About Cheryl

In 2017, life threw me a punch in the form of bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer, and my husband, Mike, suffered a heart attack. These events caused us to re-evaluate our life. I decided to close my long-time brick and mortar yarn shop, The Fiber Closet. At The Fiber Closet,  I taught knitting, crocheting, weaving, and spinning as well as selling all the associated notions and supplies.

  The Fiber Closet remains an online shop. Be sure and join  The Fiber Closet Club.  The Club is an interactive group for all crafters.

Cooking and knitting are what I enjoy most. Several knitting machines (both flatbed and circular) have found their way into my home. I enjoy taking Mike’s Ohio family recipes and my Indiana farm recipes and fusing them into the food they both can enjoy.

Researching new techniques and taking classes in all sorts of fiber-related and cooking venues is what I love doing.

about cheryl

My blogs are about anything crafty (knit, crochet, art, DIY, etc.), cooking,  pets, and information on organizing, saving money, and lifestyle hacks. My newsletter provides you with handy tips and keeps you updated on what I’m doing both online and in my home life.  I am a cancer survivor.

My blog is for crafters and food lovers of all ages. I’m here to help you create that perfect project or plan your meals.

Check out my recommendations. Because people always ask what I use and what do I recommend, I added the Recommendations/Tools page. Now, you can find great products all in one place.

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 You can contact me by direct email at cheryl@cherylmoreo.com.

My Studio:

About Cheryl Moreo Studio

The Gang

The About Cheryl Gang--Elizabeth, the cat. Shadow, the African Grey, and Frankie, the long-haired black and white daschund.
The gang.

Reader Raves

Diane Moss:  Very good blog today. The yarn weight was especially a good one for me.

Kris tina:  I don’t know much about weaving and looms but I am a crafter and have total respect for those that sew, knit, weave, embroider, etc. You did a fabulous job sharing about this particular loom and why you like it, the pictures are very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Celia:  Always inspiring ideas from you Cheryl!

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