Being Keto Healthy is #1 – My Story

Being Keto Healthy

Being keto healthy is my new way of life. But, unfortunately, I suffered from muscle pains, muscle cramps, brain fog, headaches, forgetfulness, lethargy, weight gain, and just plain old miserable

Living and eating the keto lifestyle has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life.

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[Remember:  I am not a medical practitioner, and I am only sharing what I am using. The Keto Zone Diet that I am on was closely monitored by a medical professional.]

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Keto Journey

Two doctors endorsed the Keto Zone Diet to improve my health and help with memory problems. I seriously started cooking and eating the Keto Zone way on March 22, 2020. The transition was not difficult. The pandemic hoarding took me several attempts to get the recommended kinds of milk, sweeteners, and flour. I have never been a big bread, sweet eater, or soda pop drinker. When I quit eating grains, the belly-bloating I had suffered for years disappeared. There have been other discoveries. Who would have thought that I would like salt and a tablespoon of butter in my coffee?–it is delicious. Another author calls this Bulletproof Coffee. I am using C8 MCT oil powder in my coffee, too. Also, I am discovering that organic foods have more flavor than others.

Keto Eating Highlights

  • Carb Intake – 50 grams net carbs, but start with 20 grams net carb
  • Lots of Healthy Fats – Fat is the main energy source.
  • Adequate Protein – Protein is 46% ketogenic and 58% anti-ketogenic. As some protein will convert to glucose in the bloodstream and inhibit ketosis, your intake should be enough to prevent muscle loss, but not so much that it disrupts ketosis.
  • Eat to Satisfaction – Eat when you feel hungry until satisfied but not stuffed.
  • Increase Salt Intake – A little extra salt can help avoid possible side effects as your body adjusts to ketosis, headaches, muscle cramps, or weakness resulting from an electrolyte imbalance. Since a low-carb diet is naturally diuretic, you don’t have to avoid salt to minimize water retention. I use Himalayan pink sea salt.
  • Drink Lots of Water – Stay hydrated. This was and still is the hardest thing for me to do.

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My Experience

I feel that because I was using the C8 MCT oil powder, I did not experience any discomfort. I started getting more energy, beneficial sleep, and clear thinking within the first month.

Because I was feeding my body good fats and no bad sugars, I started losing weight. Within four months, my jeans size went from 16-18 down to a 10. My brain fog was clearing, I was remembering things, aches and pains were lessening, and I was more energetic.

More than a year later, I do not follow a strict keto diet. But, I do keep track of my ketones and weight. I use the C8 MCT oil powder and Keto Base BHB Capsules to help keep me in the keto zone. My weight is in a healthier range. Also, my body has adjusted to the 30-40 pound weight loss. I also follow most of what Dr. Colbert advises about the Keto Zone.

One of the biggest takeaways from this keto-healthier lifestyle is I now know what makes my body and mind feel good.

Get My Free Keto-Friendly Lifestyle Checklist

This checklist is an 8-page booklet covering all the Ketogenic diet recommendations. It has daily guidelines of what foods to eat, explains the keto way of eating, and more. I feel this eating is a lifestyle, not a “diet.” Get yours today.

My 2022 Keto Lifestyle Update

Dr. Don Colbert has published a new book on Beyond Keto. I have purchased his book and will try the Keto/Mediterranean Lifestyle. Below is a link to his new book. It is available as a hardback book, audiobook, or Kindle download.

My most exciting 2022 discovery is Steven M. Gundry, MD. He is a cardiologist who has created a product that I love. The product is MCT Wellness. I feel this product has given me more energy, increased my ketone level, and I now have a feeling of well-being.

Keto-Friendly Recipes

If you are not sure about Keto, try some of my recipes.


If you have questions about this way of eating and living, ask your questions or comments below or feel free to Contact Me privately. I am not a medical professional, but I can share my experience with you.

""As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases."

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