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headlamp flashlight

Best Headlamp Flashlight for Home Use

Headlamp Flashlight, MOICO 1000 Lumen Ultra-Light Bright LED Rechargeable-2 Pack

A headlamp flashlight may seem a little weird for me to review on this blog.

Regular flashlights are heavy and require holding in your hand. A headlamp flashlight fits snuggly on your head and allows you to keep your hands free.

But, this flashlight helped Mike and me in our sorting and organizing items.

This flashlight lets you can work hands-free.

Mike’s warehouse for his sports collectibles was recently vandalized and trashed. Imagine 1000’s of individual basketball, baseball, football, and not sports cards strewn throughout 17 rooms.

With our headlamps, we could see in all the nooks and crannies and still have our hands free for picking up the cards.

Other Uses for a Headlamp Flashlight

  • Dog Walking – A headlamp allows you to see your surroundings and where you are walking. Plus, others can see you. Your hands are free to hold onto your dog’s leash. This flashlight even has an SOS strobe.
  • Camping/Hiking – A headlamp will help keep you safe from uneven terrain, twigs, camping stakes, and more. Don’t forget that this light even has an SOS strobe.
  • Reading at Night – Whether you want to read in bed or a quiet place at night, you can do so with the lightweight headlamp. 
  • Sportsman – Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, or boater, this light will help keep you safe.
  • Mechanic – This light will help you see in all the nooks and crannies.
  • Crafters – I have found this light very helpful, finding those little things that role under the big stuff.

For the price, you cannot beat this model. Yes, you receive two headlamps for this price.

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