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The Art of Tapestry Weaving – Book Review

Tapestry weaving lets you be more free-form with your weaving or you can follow a cartoon.
The front cover states, “A Complete Guide to Mastering the Techniques for Making Images with Yarn,” and the back cover states, “A Guided Journey from Yarn to Art.” These statements are an excellent description of what you will experience with this book.

Weaving with Little Handmade Looms – Book Review

The handmade looms are easy to make with materials you can find around the home, such as cardboard, paper, pins, wood, and nails. Perfect for crafting on the go.

Tapestry Weaving – Book Review

Tapestry weaving can be as colorful and fun as you want to make it. You will learn basic and advanced tapestry techniques.

Introducing Diagonal Weaving on a Square Loom

Diagonal weaving utilizes the Continuous Strand Method – You create the warp and weave the weft as you go. Diagonal weaving creates a bias-woven fabric. This type of fabric drapes well and resists unraveling.