Loom Knitting

oval loom set

Loom knitting is performed by using specially designed looms. A knitting loom is used by wrapping the yarn around pegs.   The basic motion of using a knitting loom is that you’re constantly pulling the bottom layer of yarn on each peg, up and over the bottom layer and the peg itself.


loom knitting

Loom Knitting Explored-A New Appreciation for the Craft

Yes, you read that correctly–loom knitting explored!  My first knitting loom experience was years ago with the big white plastic loom and a pick. Gauge was extra-large.  You had to double/triple your yarn. Mostly, they were for hats and scarves. Instructions were only for, what we now call, the e-wrap cast on and knit. An e-wrap knit stitch is a twisted knit stitch.

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