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Easy to Use Ketone Breath Meter Compared to 2 Other Testing Methods

by Cheryl Moreo

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After trying all the methods below for testing ketones, I preferred using a Ketone Breath Meter. A breath meter was easier than testing my blood or using urine strips. This ketone breath meter is an easy-to-use and self-monitoring device for individuals following a keto life. In addition, a ketone breath meter saves you from finger pricks and awkward urine strip testing.

GD bow ketone breath meter

GDbow Ketone Breath Meter for Ketosis Testing

Ketones can be tested by ketone blood meters, ketone breath meters, or ketone urine sticks. I tried them all. Urine sticks are not reliable after you have been in ketosis. Blood meters are probably the most accurate but require pricking your fingertip and drawing sufficient blood for sampling. A meter for testing your breath measures the acetone in your breath. Tracking breath acetone is a better measure of what your body is using for fuel because acetone in our breath is an actual byproduct of fat burning, and 80% of fat we burn leaves the body through the lungs.

Methods I Tried for Checking Ketones

  1. Blood Ketone Test Meters: Measure ketone levels in the blood.
  2. Breath Ketone Meters: Measure the ketone by-product acetone on the breath.
  3. Urine Strips: Measure acetoacetate in the urine.

Blood Ketone Test Meter

Blood ketone meters are the most accurate and most expensive.

The biggest downside with a blood meter is that you need to prick your finger for every measurement. If you don’t like blood, then it can be a dealbreaker. Also, this process requires quite a clean environment.

I purchased a blood ketone meter. Unfortunately, the strips are expensive. Try as I might, I could not get a good reading with the strips. This testing method was an epic fail.

Urine Strips

Urine strips are the least effective method. This is an awkward testing method, and I found it very confusing. The strips display results by turning various colors based on the amount of acetoacetate in the urine. In addition, the keto charts on ketone levels vary with how the strip information is displayed. My problem was converting the information on the strip to what I was reading in the books on keto.

Breath Ketone Meter

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After all the trouble described above, I purchased a moderately priced breath meter: GDbow Breath Ketone Analyzer. It worked fantastically. There was no question as to what the readings were. Now, for over 1 1/2 years, I have used the same meter.

It is convenient, easy to work with, and dependable. The meter fits perfectly into your pocket or bag to test your breath ketones on the go. For me, this meter does the job. Once you have been on a keto lifestyle, you get to know the feeling of when you are in and out of ketosis. This meter has always backed up my assumptions. From my experience, I feel this meter will help anyone who wants to monitor ketosis.

How Can a Breath Meter Help You

Checking your ketone levels lets you know the following:

  • if you are already burning fat
  • if your body produces acetone
  • how your body reacts to foods.

For an in-depth report on breath acetone measuring, read “Measuring Breath Acetone for Monitoring Fat Loss” by Joseph C. Anderson.

My Recommendation

First, search all of the breath meters and decide for yourself. A breath analyzer is the most convenient way to measure breath ketones during the ketogenic diet and is the cheapest in the long run. The meter below filled the bill for me.

GDbow Breath Ketone Analyzer Keto Meter Digital Display Measuring Ketones

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