Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet

Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet – Book Review

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Tunisian Crochet is fun and quick.

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Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet-Learn How with 13 Projects by Sheryl Thies

Published by:  Martingale & Company in 2011.

Pages:  80.

Format:  Paperback and E-book (Kindle)

Source:  Amazon

Learn the Afghan Stitch

Want to learn a new/old craft. Then, this is a great resource book for you. This book is full of excellent tutorials and 13 gorgeous projects.  Note: There is no obvious link to the country Tunisia.

What is Tunisian Crochet?

Tunisian crochet is a generations-old needlework technique that today’s crocheters–and knitters–are rediscovering. Also known as an afghan stitch, this versatile technique is worked on a long needle with a crochet hook at each end.

What is in the Book

Brief History

Read a brief history of Tunisian crochet and find out why it’s experiencing such a resurgence


This book has excellent illustrations. In particular, it has the best drawing of the last stitch in the forward pass that I have been able to find. Because knowing exactly how to create the final stitch in the forward pass ensures that your left edge is smooth and neat, I feel this is a fundamental technique.

The Tunisian/Afghan Hook

The author starts off discussing the parts and characteristics of the hooks.

  • The hook is longer than a regular crochet hook and has a stopper at one end.
  • Some hooks have a wire cable or extender to hold stitches. This is good for hooking afghans.
  • Interchangeable sets.
Tutorials in the Book

Next, she has expert tutorials on the mechanics. Again, her illustrations are top notch. Also, there is a chart for troubleshooting common problems.

For instance, her tutorials cover the following techniques:

  • The Foundation
  • TSS
  • Changing Colors
  • Bind Off
  • TKS
  • TPS
  • Yarn Over (YO)
  • Decreases
  • Increases
  • Changing Color
  • Gauge

The 13 projects are for all skill levels. Furthermore, they include women’s garments and accessories, as well as home accents.

I especially like that the author encourages the student to visit their local yarn store ( LYS) for assistance in selecting the correct yarn for the projects.

Techniques for an Attractive Finish

After the projects, there is a chapter on Techniques for an Attractive Finish.

My Recommendation

I recommend you grab this book while it is still available. I don’t think you will regret your purchase.  Unfortunately, like most publications, there is an errata sheet.

Since I wrote this review, a new copy of the paperback version is no longer being published. The E-book is still available.


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""As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases."

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