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Hemstitching is a method to secure the first and last weft picks of cloth.

This is the most common hemstitching method. It encircles the warp threads holding them fast.

If you are left-handed, you can work left to right.

Hemstitching Steps

  1. Begin by leaving a tail at the right side, three to four times longer than the width of your weaving.
  2. Weave about an inch of cloth.
  3. Thread a tapestry needle with the tail.
  4. Close the shed. (Put the rigid heddle in the neutral position.)
  5. Step 5 at beginning of weavingBeginning at the right selvedge, insert the needle diagonally right to left under three warp ends and three weft rows above.
  6. Bring the needle to the surface, pulling the yarn out.
  7. Step 7 at the beginning of the weavingWorking right to the left, with yarn loop on the left, place the needle horizontally under the first row of weaving, under the same three warp threads.  Exit keeping the needle on top of the loop.
  8. Pull the yarn through and tighten the knot.
  9. Continue across the row.
  10. Secure the end.

Hemstitching at the End of the Piece

Working right to the left, stitch down into the fabric as opposed to up into the weft as before.

  1. Step 1 at End of WeavingCount three warp threads across and three weft rows underneath the cloth.
  2. Exit at this point and pull the needle and yarn up and out.
  3. Step 3 Hemstitiching end of weavingMake a loop laying it to the left with the working thread.
  4. Insert the needle horizontally under the three warps threads that you just went under in Step 1 encircling them and pull the yarn tight.

Repeat across the cloth.


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