Crochet Abbreviations and Definitions

Helpful Crochet Abbreviations and Definitions

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Cheryl Moreo

Just like with knitting, crochet has its own set of terms or abbreviations. When you first learn to crochet, they can be confusing and intimidating. Designers use shortened versions to save space. Pattern-specific crochet abbreviations and definitions are usually explained in the design or as a glossary in a book of patterns. If your pattern doesn’t have the abbreviation explained, I have created a list of crochet abbreviations and their definitions.

After the list, there is a link to my free printable resource library. Save or print this abbreviation guide for when you need a quick reference when following along with a crochet pattern. It will help you remember what all the abbreviations mean!

Crochet Abbreviations and Definitions

Below I have included a list of crochet abbreviations and their definitions. Want a list for your crochet bag?

Abbreviation Definition

repeat the instructions following the * as directed

Repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed or repeat from a given set of instructions

(), {} work the instructions within parentheses or brackets as directed
alt alternate, alternating
beg begin, beginning
bel below

bk lp or BL


back loop




Back post

BPdc Back post double crochet
BPsc Back post single crochet
BPtr Back post treble
CC contrast color
cl cluster
cont continue
dc Double crochet
dc2tog Double crochet 2 stitches together
dec decrease
dtr double treble crochet stitch
est established
even Without increases or decreases
fasten off Cut the yarn and pull the cut end through the last loop
fl(s) or FL front loops
Abbreviation Definitions
Fp or FP front post
FPtr Front post treble crochet
gp(s) group(s)
hdc Half-double crochet
hk hook
inc increase
incl inclusive
lp(s) loops
MC Main color
p picot
pat(s) pattern(s)




place marker




rnd(s) rounds
RS Right side
sc2tog Single crochet 2 stitches together
sk skip
sp space
st stitch
T-ch or tch turning chain
tbl through the back loop
tog together
tr Treble crochet
trtr Triple treble crochet
WS Wrong side
yo yarnover
yoh yarn over hook

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