hot or cold tea

Hot or Cold Tea is Great Any Time of the Year

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hot or cold tea

Hot or Cold Tea is Great Any Time of the Year

Hot or cold tea is a year-round beverage. From morning, noon, and night, tea is a staple in most homes. Additionally, tea can have a special meaning in your culture or your family. It likely has a special place in your traditions and routines.

Let’s look at the wide variety of times hot or cold tea comes into play:

Holidays– The holidays are a great time for tea. At the first signs of fall, chai tea and chai tea lattes become very popular. The strong aroma and the amazing taste are often referenced as ‘fall in a cup.’ Peppermint teas and other festive teas are favorites during the winter months as well. Check your grocer for a list of flavor-infused teas that are designed for the holidays.

Health- The medicinal properties of tea have gone back thousands of years. From the healing properties of green tea to the health benefits of oxidized teas like black tea, there are many ways to use tea to overcome illness. A common use of hot tea is blended with honey and lemon to ease colds and flu. Some teas, like Chamomile, help aid in sleep, and dandelion tea helps with digestive issues.

Celebrations– From sitting on the front porch to boating on the lake, tea is a beverage used for celebrating summer and other times of the year. Whether you like your tea infused with fruit combinations, like lemonade or berry extracts, or just simple iced tea, you can be assured your celebrations will be better with a tall glass of tea.

Mealtime– Breakfast time is generally a great time for tea. The caffeine and other properties carry the same effect of coffee. Those who find coffee bitter or too strong usually find tea a milder way to get the energy they need to start the day. Midday tea, iced or hot, is a great mood booster and thirst quencher. Evening tea is a wonderful way to get your body ready for bed. No matter the meal or the intended effect, there is a tea style perfect for your needs.

Traditions– In some cultures, serving tea is part of a tradition—trained men and women. In the Geisha culture, tea service is part of their allure and expectations. In more relaxed cultures, tea may be a staple tradition in the home with meals or symbolize an important part of the day, such as high tea in Great Britain.

Marketing– Tea is big business, and business is good. Many growers of tea have been in the business for generations. Their unique flavors are a representation of their region and personal growth practices. In America, tea has become very popular. Flavored infused tea beverages are readily available for immediate use. Everything from Kombucha to Arnold Palmer’s – a drink made from mixing lemonade and tea – are available ready to serve straight from your grocer.

Hot or Cold Tea: Which Is Best for You?

You decide–

Tea does not only contain antioxidants, but it is also loaded with other nutrients. As per science, if you want to maximize those benefits, then start drinking cold or iced tea. Cold tea contains extra bioactive compounds like gallic acid and epigallocatechin gallate.

Hot tea vs. iced tea: Which one is better for health? | The Times of India › life-style › diet › photostory

But, then you have this information:

Antioxidants: Hot water infuses the tea leaves and draws out the flavonoids and other antioxidants. … Leaving the hot tea to sit and then grow cold reduces the antioxidants and thus its health benefits. Flavor: Hot tea tastes better.

Hot Tea VS Iced Tea | Your Tea Blog › body › lifestyle › hot-tea-vs-iced-tea

In Summary

Hot or cold tea is great any time of the year and no matter what your preference, there is a tea beverage waiting for you. Enjoy it!

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