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7 Reasons to Attend an XRX Stitches Expo in 2020

by Cheryl Moreo

Top 7 Reasons to Attend an XRX Stitches Expo in 2020

Sadly, XRX and Stitches are no longer in business. Enjoy our past experience. You can read about it at https://knitting.craftgossip.com/stitches-shuttered-as-xrx-files-for-bankruptcy/2023/05/15/

XRX Stitches Expo, sponsored by The Knitting Universe, is not just about knitting and crochet. They have added sewing, quilting, and embroidery to the classes and exhibitors at every show.

An XRX Stitches Event is one place where you see the latest yarns and notions and learn a new technique or craft.

Way back in 2014, Gina Mitchell, Donna Hockett, and I visited Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg, Illinois. We had a grand time.

What is an XRX Stitches Expo

  • A fun-filled weekend, including a fashion show, banquet, pajama parties, book signings, and “Star” watching for your favorite designer or author.
  • Stitches Expo is a gathering of knitting, crochet, and other needle art experts, novices, designers, authors, educators, suppliers, and spectators from across the country and around the world.
  • In the last XRX Newsletter, Benjamin Levisay, CEO, XRX, Inc., stated, “We continue to move forward by adding sewing, quilting, and embroidery to our lineup of classes and exhibitors at every show. It’s working! We find that many of our customers are Makers—not defined by one craft or even by one medium. And so, to best serve their creative appetites, we have stimulating classes and shopping for ALL things yarn and thread, fiber and fabric.”

7 Reasons to Attend an XRX Stitches Expo in 2020

  1. Stimulating classes for every level of interest in the fiber arts.
  2. Four days of fantastic fun and shopping. Lots of Market booths and demos. Model displays are breathtaking and enticing. Plus, you get to meet the people behind the brands.
  3. There is a professional runway fashion show hosted by Knitter’s Magazine that highlights the latest trends in knitwear design.
  4. Industry celebrities teach classes, visit booths, and sign books — ongoing demonstrations.
  5. You will find four convenient US locations across the nation. You can find times and locations at Stitches Events.
  6. XRX Stitches creates a social media page specific to each of the four Expos. Whether at the show or at home watching what’s happening, they have you covered with at least one of your favorite social media sites. They have created specific hashtags for the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, there is a particular Market hashtag for you to post pictures of what you have purchased at the Market on Instagram and Twitter.
  7. Daily door prizes and Grand Prize Sunday drawing.

Tips for Success in Attending an Expo

  • Before you start buying at the Market, take one lap around all of the booths and soak it all in. Yes, it can be overwhelming.
  • Set a budget for yourself. It is so easy to burn up those credit cards. Everything there is calling your name.
  • Watch a demo on something new to you.
  • Wear very comfortable shoes.
  • If time permits, sign up to take a class from someone you have followed. You will never forget this experience.
  • Go with a friend or group of friends make it a retreat and stay for more than one day of the event.
  • We have found that we got the most enjoyment out of Expos when we stayed at the same hotel as the Expo.

Common Questions/FAQ About XRX Stitches Expo

  • How do I find more information?

    • Just go to Knitting Universe
  • Where are the 2020 Expos?

    • STITCHES West 2020, February 20-23, 2020, Santa Clara, CASTITCHES United 2020, March 26-29, 2020, Hartford, CTSTITCHES Midwest 2020, July 30-August 2, 2020, Schaumburg, IL*STITCHES SoCal 2020, November 5-8, 2020, Pasadena, CA*

*Plans are still being finalized for Midwest and SoCal.

  • How can I stay current on the Expos?

    • Subscribe to the XRX Insider Newsletter.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about XRX Stitches Exp

  • Plan a trip to an Expo near you for a fun, rewarding experience. (Even better shared with fellow crafters.)
  • Share this post with your friends so they can join in the fun.
  • If you have experienced a Stitches Expo, please tell us about it in the Comment section that is below this post.

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