how to knit a blanket

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Knitting a Blanket

Learn how to design and knit a blanket using any size of yarn from my fellow November birthday knitter/instructor,  Vickie Howell. This tutorial is for anyone who always wanted to design a blanket but didn’t know where to start.

Vickie takes you through all the steps for knitting a blanket:

  1. Select Yarn and Needles.
  2. Choose Stitch Pattern(s).
  3. Pick Blanket Size.
  4. Establish Gauge. (See my post on the importance of knitting a gauge square)
  5. Calculate Stitch Count.

Using a basic recipe, her video, written tutorial, and worksheet from Vickie Howell shows how to design and knit a blanket using any weight yarn and any stitch pattern for any sized blanket.

There is a Blanket Recipe Worksheet PDF for you to download. DOWNLOAD A BLANKET RECIPE WORKSHEET PDF HERE.

knitting a blanket
Vickie Howell Image

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