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Knitting Machine: What Does It Do?

by Cheryl Moreo

A knitting machine knits fabric. There are circular machines and long bed machines.

About My Machines

I have been machine knitting for over 25 years. Using a knitting machine is no more cheating than someone who sews using a sewing machine or a weaver using a computerized loom.

Some of my favorite machine manufacturers have sadly closed. Even though the manufacturer is gone, many of their machines are still knitting away. There remains one manufacturer –Silver Reed.

My machines are mostly Brother/Knitking machines with a couple of Studio machines. There are punchcard, electronic, or basic machines. I am not ashamed to admit that I own ten flatbed machines, 2 Addi circular knitters, and one sock machine.

The machines each have specific capabilities. Some have a lot of built-in patterns, ability to connect to a computer for more pattern capability, knit with fine yarn, knit with bulky yarn, knit tubular pieces, or knit socks. I love them all!

Where Can You Learn More

The Knit KnackShop near Peru, Indiana, sells Silver Reed, used machines, Hague Linking Machines, DesignaKnit, and other knitting software, accessories, and coned yarns and pattern books. Each year during the 3rd Friday and Saturday in April – they host their annual Spring Fling, a knitting seminar. Spring Fling is a must-attend event.

Angelika’s Yarn Store is another resource for the machine knitter.

Donna Sullivan has lots of tutorials and patterns. Check out her article on “Are You Curious About Knitting Machines?” Her article discusses:

  • What is a Knitting Machine?
  • What can you make?
  • How fast can you knit?
  • Does a machine take the challenge and creativity out of knitting?
  • What kind of yarn can you use?
  • Do they knit only plain stitch patterns?
  • Where can you find patterns?
  • How expensive is this hobby?
  • Could you learn to machine knit?

Knitting Machines Etc has manuals, User Guides, and magazines from Brother Knitking, Silver Reed Studio, Passap, and others.

The Answer Lady has all sorts of information on all types of machines. Great videos on care and maintenance.

Sandee Cherry of Sandee’s Kwik Knit is one of my favorite designers and instructors.


Of course, I am available to answer questions or point you to someone who can answer your questions. Leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.

Happy Knitting!

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