Love of My Heart™ Kitchen Towel kit

Love of My Heart Kitchen Towels Kit-Product Review

Jodi Ybarra designed The Love of My Heart™ Kitchen Towels Kit for the Cricket loom for Cotton Clouds and comes in various kits designed with love and quality cotton yarn.

Full disclosure: Even though Cotton Clouds provided this weaver with a Hot Checks kit, I promise an unbiased review of the kit.

Love of My Heart Kitchen Towels kit
Image by Cotton Clouds & Designs by Jodi Ybarra

About the Love of My Heart Kitchen Towels Kit

For this holiday season, Cotton Clouds, the number one source for cotton yarn, wanted to continue their theme of weaving with LOVE. Jodi Ybarra designed these towels for the beginner and the more advanced weaver. Cotton Clouds’ goal is to make your rigid heddle weaving a success!

The Love of My Heart Kitchen Towels Kit may be woven on a 15″ rigid heddle loom with other options available. The patterns are exclusive to these kits. There are two towel designs:

  • Hot Checks – Woven with deep rich colors with a pop of white, utilizing warp and weft color changes to create the check design.
  • Cool Stripes – Woven with a simple textured pick-up stick pattern that results in a super absorbent towel.

Choose between yardage for two or four towels.

What is Included

  • 100% Unmercerized Aurora Earth 8/2 Cotton Yarn in sanguine colors of berries & reds
  • 100% Unmercerized Cotton Tail 8/4 Cotton Yarn in white
  • LOVE of My Heart™ Gifting Card with Laundry Care instructions
  • Samples of SOAK, a plant-based laundry liquid to prewash, and include them with your LOVE towels. Just an added touch of love!
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions are included.

What You Need

  • Cool Stripes or Hot Checks Towel Pack (order below)
  • 2-shaft loom (rigid heddle)
  • 15″ weaving width for Cricket Loom
  • 10 dpi reed
  • 2 shuttles for Cool Stripes or 4 shuttles for Hot Checks

The Love of My Heart Kitchen Towels Kit

Love of My Heart Kitchen Towels Kit
Cotton Clouds Image

My Review

The Love of My Heart Kitchen Towels Kit that I have is for the Hot Check towels.

The Love of My Heart Kitchen Towels Kit included all the cotton needed for the towels. The pattern was well written. It included detailed warping and weaving instructions. Not only did it include a graphic threading pattern, but the weaving order was also displayed. Jodi also presented the weaving process steps, from measuring the warp to removing the weaving from the loom and finishing the towels.

I highly recommend the Love of My Heart Kitchen Towels Kit.

Get Your Own Kit Now

Why buy a kit vs buying individual cones of yarn?

Buying individual cones of cotton can be pricey. The kit I am weaving is the Hot Checks kit. It requires one cone of each of the three towel colors plus one cone of thinner cotton for the hem. These four cones would cost three cones of 8/4 Cottontail at $39.95 per cone and one mini cone of 8/2 Aurora Earth at $8.95, totaling $128.80. And, you still would not have the pattern for these towels. Thus, the kit becomes economical, and you have the design and cotton thread. Buying a kit will save you both time and money! As of this writing, the kit sells for $49.95.

Remember, the pattern is exclusive to each kit.

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