Multi-Shaft Weaving Patterns

Multi-Shaft Weaving Patterns

Welcome weaver.

As I discover multi-shaft weaving patterns and projects, I will post them here. Check back often.

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Farmhouse Napkins

Look at these beautiful Farmhouse Napkins.

Image by Gist Yarn/Design by Christine Jablonski 

This is a free PDF pattern download. But, Gist Yarn has various kits available. So, I think kits are the way to go.


Mixed Twill Scarf

Try your hand at several twills in this sampler scarf—free PDF of the pattern and three-color kits available for purchase.


Tulip Shawl

tulip shawl
Gist Yarn Image

Designed by Cynthia Cox

This cheerful shawl utilizes a striped warp and a twill treadling sequence to weave an allover floral pattern resembling tulips. The three chosen colors accentuate each row of flowers—green creates the leaves, which wrap around blue petals, all placed on a neutral background. Order a kit.



WarpMallo Cotton Slub, 615 yds Natural

Weft: Mallo Cotton Slub, 440 yds Coal


  • 15.5″ weaving width
  • 14 EPI
  • 14 PPI
  • 15” W x 65” L

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