Potholder Weaving: Fun & Easy Craft for All Ages

Potholder Weaving in 4 Easy Steps

Potholder weaving is a fun and easy craft for people of all ages. It involves using a simple frame loom to weave colorful loops of fabric or yarn into square or rectangular shapes. These shapes can be used as potholders, coasters, placemats, or stitched together for larger projects like rugs, blankets, or bags.

potholder weaving on a potholder loom
I am removing the woven potholder from the potholder loom.

Potholder weaving has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century and is believed to have originally started as a way to use scraps of cloth from textile mills. In the early 20th century, the first commercial potholder looms were patented and became popular toys for children during the Great Depression. Today, potholder weaving still remains a popular hobby and a creative way to express oneself.

There are many types of potholder looms available in the market. They come in different sizes and shapes, such as circles, hexagons, and hearts, the most common size being 7 inches by 7 inches. These looms can be made of various materials, including traditional metal or plastic frames with pegs, or modern wooden or acrylic frames with slots. The loops used for weaving can be made of different materials, such as cotton, wool, acrylic, or other materials, and come in different colors and patterns. Additionally, some people may prefer to use yarn, ribbon, or other items to weave on their potholder looms.

The 4 Steps to Using a Potholder Loom

The basic technique of potholder weaving is simple and consists of four steps:

1. Setting up the loom. This involves stretching loops of fabric or yarn vertically across the frame, from the bottom to the top, and securing them around the pegs or in the slots. This creates the warp, or the foundation of the weaving.

2. Weaving the potholder. This involves using a hook or a needle to weave loops of fabric or yarn horizontally across the frame, over and under the vertical loops. This creates the weft, or the filling of the weaving. The weaver alternates each row’s over-and-under pattern, creating a checkerboard effect. The weaver can create patterns or designs by changing the loops’ colors or order.

3. Removing the potholder from the loom. This involves using a crochet hook or a needle to pull the loops off the frame and join them along the edges of the potholder. This creates a neat and sturdy border and prevents the loops from unraveling.

4. Finishing the potholder. This involves trimming adding a loop for hanging or embellishing the potholder with buttons, beads, or other decorations.

potholder weaving
Finished potholder

Potholder weaving is a delightful and calming activity that can yield attractive and functional items. It can also aid in developing fine motor skills, creativity, and concentration. Potholder weaving can be performed by oneself or in the company of friends or family, and it can be an excellent way to create personalized presents or showcase one’s individuality. Potholder weaving is a craft anyone can enjoy and master with practice and imagination.

potholder weaving PJ Plaid
Plaid PJs inspired this PJ Plaid design

Learn how to expand your weaving skills beyond making potholders with yarn in my book review of Potholder Loom Weaving. Discover new weaving techniques and projects to enhance your weaving repertoire.

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To explore potholder weaving or begin your weaving journey, you can refer to these resources for further information:

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