Home and Yard Maintenance

Home and Yard Maintenance 4

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I use Mrs. Meyers and Grove products in my home.

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Home Decor

Add prints of flora and fauna to your space for that natural look.

Yard Maintenance

Home and yard maintenance involves the right tools for the job at hand. But, as all homeowners learn, there is a lot to maintaining both the inside and outside our homes.

Power Washer

We have used a power washer on our porches and the house.

We can no longer mow our yard and use a mowing service. But the service only zips through the yard on big mowers. I use a trimmer and a leaf blower to tidy things up. I purchased this product in May 2019, and they are still working. They are light in weight and easy for me to manage.


My friend Gina Mitchell always used one of the chargers for her iPad, cell phone, etc. But, while waiting for me to grocery shop, Mike’s iPad was always running down. So, in March 2021, I ordered the below charger. We love it. We have used it while in the hospital, doctor’s office, and in the parked car. I highly recommend this charger. We have yet to run it down.

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