ketone breath meter comparison

Easy to Use Ketone Breath Meter Compared to 2 Other Testing Methods

After trying all of the methods below for testing ketones, I preferred using a Ketone Breath Meter. I found that a breath meter was easier than testing my blood or using urine strips. This ketone Breath meter is an easy-using and self-monitoring device for individuals following on a keto life. In addition, a ketone breath meter saves you from finger pricks and awkward urine strip testing.

sock knitting books

7 Best Basic Sock Knitting Books

Many knitters fear sock knitting. To me, sock knitting is fun and magical. The magical part happens when I am turning a heel.
I am creating this list of my favorite sock knitting books, hoping that more knitters will learn to knit socks. Trust me; once you knit a pair of socks, you will be hooked.

The Art of Tapestry Weaving

The Art of Tapestry Weaving – Book Review

Tapestry weaving lets you be more free-form with your weaving or you can follow a cartoon.
The front cover states, “A Complete Guide to Mastering the Techniques for Making Images with Yarn,” and the back cover states, “A Guided Journey from Yarn to Art.” These statements are an excellent description of what you will experience with this book.

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