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That’s a morel in the picture above. Here in central Indiana, my family has been mushroom hunting. They are finding a few.








Do you need a cute summer top? This Fan Top summer top pattern uses a fingering weight cotton blend yarn and US Size E hook.

Image by Clarisabeth Lopez Rodriguez




Fancy equipment is not needed to make yourself a little DIY Herb Garden in a sunny area. Last week I cleaned up my containers from last year. Granted my garden isn’t this cute. I may rethink mine.

Image by Room for Tuesday




Are you a bored knitter? Watch this tutorial and learn a new knitting pattern. This pattern makes a heavier fabric. You can use it for a scarf or a cover.


 Easy Knit Pattern Sided

Image by SK Knitting




How about some hand sewing. I think these are the cuties things.


 Snuggle Blankey Dolls




Image by Miss Daisy Patterns




Felt Magnet has this Basic Beginner’s Guide to Basket Weaving I thought you might enjoy.


Basic Beginner’s Guide to Basket Weaving


Image by Felt Magnet


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  1. Cheryl

    I am glad that you are enjoying Saturday Greetings. It’s good to hear from a fellow Hoosier. I miss living farther out in the country where the mushrooms grow, too. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. Having lived in Indiana, you know that you just wait a day, and the weather will change–sometimes drastically.

  2. Karen Martinez

    Love, Love Love this crochet top pattern! I’m relatively new to crochet (aside from the granny square afghans back in the 1980’s), and have embarked on some rather intricate shawls, but never a garment. I am looking forward to trying out this top!
    Miss mushroom hunting in Indiana. I’m a Hoosier by birth and degree; spent the first 30 years of my life in Indiana (10 in Indianapolis), and the second 30 years in Deep South Texas. Enjoy Spring for me–we’re in Summer mode already down here. Not looking forward to the next 4 months, I can tell you. Thanks for the blog. I’ve been enjoying it very much.

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