Saturday Greetings 108

Saturday Greetings 108

by Cheryl Moreo

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Cheryl Moreo

This Saturday Greetings 108 has tops in three crafts–crochet, knit, & woven, faux-French clocks, and keto-friendly recipes.


Thea Off the Shoulder Crochet Crop by For the Frills is a free pattern designed with Lion Brand Cotton yarn and has a tutorial.

Thea off the shoulder crochet crop top forthefrills blog 2 medium
Image by For the Thrills


On TV, I have been noticing that people’s homes have these interesting looking clocks on the walls. I found this neat tutorial on how to create beautiful faux-French clocks. FREE PRINTABLE FRENCH CLOCK FACES + WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUE!

watercolor clock faces 211
Image by the Graphics Fairy


Cancun Boxy Lace Top by Erin Kate Archer is a free pattern on Ravelry. You can learn to knit a sampling of lace by knitting two simple rectangles. You then join them at the shoulders and seam the sides. There is also a blurry You Tube Video tutorial.

Cancun Boxy Lace top
Image by Erin Kate Archer


The Duet Boxy Top is woven with 4 colors of Duet Cotton/Linen Weaving Yarn on a 24″ rigid heddle loom and then sewn by hand into a versatile and one-of-a-kind garment. Designed by Lois Weaver for GIST: Yarn & Fiber.

To receive the free PDF, you are required to provide your email address and go through the motions of actually ordering the PDF. The free transaction worked flawlessly for me.

Duet Boxy Top GIST PDF Page 1 900x 1
Image by Gist: Yarn & Fiber


Yes, I am still staying on my Keto Zone diet. This journey has been a lot easier than I anticipated. I was a lover of bread and pasta. But, I have learned that those things were not good for my body and health. Since March 22nd, I have lost over 15 pounds. I have almost a flat belly for the first time in my life. I do need to exercise more and get in better physical shape.

Twice a day, I fix a non-keto meal for Mike and a Keto meal for myself (unless I am fasting.). That is enough of an update on my Keto journey. I am slowly coming up with recipes that can satisfy both Mike and myself. I hope you enjoy these recipes.

Here is my recipe for Keto-friendly Baked Chicken Drumsticks.

Baked Chicken Drumsticks 1

And, now a keto-friendly pork recipe.

Pork Broccoli Casserole Pin 2


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I hope you enjoyed reading Saturday Greetings 108.

If you need help finding a recipe, craft pattern, project help, or want to chat,  comment in the section below, or send a contact form, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Until next week, please wear a mask around others and stay safe.


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