Saturday Greetings 109

Saturday Greetings 109

by Cheryl Moreo

Today’s Saturday Greetings 109 has a crochet cowl, a wall pallet bar, a knitted dishcloth, a no-sew pillow cover, and recipes.


crochet cowl

Crochet this reversible cowl by Lisa Auch with Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball chenille yarn if you need a quick gift.


Image by Unique Creations by Anita

Make this wall bar from a pallet by following Anita’s detailed instructions.


Image by Joy of Artful Homemaking

I bet most of you knit a dishcloth as one of your first projects.

This post caught my eye while searching for a knitting project for this week’s newsletter.

Inspired by her Grandmother’s dishcloth pattern, Joy of Artful Homemaking changed the design into a rectangle, added buttons, and hung it over her oven door handle. Get the full story at Grandmother’s Favorite Kitchen Towel Knitting Pattern.

Sewing or No Sew

Ribbon Pillow DIY

Yvonne of StoneGable Blog

Yvonne says that “with just a few items and a couple of hours, you can make this pretty no-sew pillow cover too!”

Materials Needed

  • Plain pillow cover
  • Ribbons
  • Fusible Webbing
  • Pillow insert


Mike has been craving fried potatoes. Of course, they are not on a Keto diet. I have been avoiding them. I bought a bag of Russet potatoes, and he plans to fry some potatoes this week. Below is our recipe.

Fried Potatoes
Cast Iron Skillet Fried Potatoes

Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken is on both my and Mike’s good food lists. He will eat his chicken on pasta, and I will eat mine on zucchini noodles.

Image & Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken by Savory Nothings


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I hope you enjoyed reading Saturday Greetings 109.

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To find a recipe, craft pattern, or project guidance, or if you want to chat, please leave a comment in the designated section. I’ll get back to you promptly.

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Until next week, please wear a mask around others and stay safe.


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