Saturday Greetings 111

Saturday Greetings 111

by Cheryl Moreo

Saturday Greetings 111 has a Crochet, Mosquitoes, Custom Fitting, a Monstera Deliciosa, Nature Weaving, Knit Lace Tee, & Grilled Chicken breasts & Pizza.


Join crochet designer, Jess Coppom in the Dahlia Scrapgan Casual Crochet Along. You can work at your own pace and use up different weights of scrap yarn. Also, you will learn the continuous join crochet technique. This technique brings everything together seamlessly so you’re left with fewer ends to weave in and a blanket made with zero sewing!

continous join crochet granny square blanket pattern
Image by Make and Do Crew


I have always admired these big plants, but I never really knew their name. They are called the Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa. Learn how this mother and daughter bought one of them and how to care for one. Enjoy Patti of Hearth and Vine’s post on Monstera Deliciosa Care – Commonly Known As Swiss Cheese Plant.

indoor gardening monstera deliciosa lighted
Image by Hearth and Vine


I don’t know about you, but I have already been chased back into the house by those pesky mosquitoes. One bite or sighting on me, and I am gone. Lisa Jo Lupo, who has 25 years of experience writing about insect control, tells us how to protect our family from the Zika virus in her post “What Really Works to Repel Mosquitoes?”

Repelling Mosquitoes
Tim Santimore / Getty Images


Knit in KnitPicks’ cotton Shine Sport Yarn, this tee is perfect for summer get-togethers. Kelda Tee is knit in the round and features a lace bottom panel.

Kelda Tee 1
Image by KnitPicks


Heather of Heather Handmade has written this handy post on 19 Sewing and Alterations You Can Do Yourself. Learn simple ways to alter your clothes for a custom fit.

sewing and alterations
Image by Heather Handmade


Sssh, I am working on several weaving articles. Keep your eye out for them.

If you have little ones around, you might enjoy this DIY Weaving Camp idea. Kristen in her blog Craftiments gives us ideas for Summer Fun Camp – Nature Weaving Craft and Solar Oven S’mores

nature weaving craft 1
Image by Craftiments


I thought you might like this grilled light summertime meal.

Mojo Grilled Chicken Breasts

1606p25 mojo grilled chicken breasts 1 0
Image by Cooking Light Diet Plan

Have you tried grilled pizza? Julie of takes you through step-by-step how to prepare a perfect crispy, chewy pizza crust. Using homemade pizza dough and simple ingredients, you can make grilled pizza.

How to Grill Pizza 26 of 31
Image by


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