Saturday Greetings

Saturday Greetings 94

by Cheryl Moreo


Saturday Greetings 94
Saturday Greetings 94 9

Saturday Greetings #94 has craft articles, tutorials, recipes, and ideas I have hand-picked, especially for you.



Jenny King of Jenny King Designs from Queensland, Australia, is an inspirational crocheter. She is an author, designer, and teacher. She is the author of “Get Squared.” A unique technique for creating garments that fit.

You can watch her videos about “Get Squared” here.


15 Hand Warmers You Can Make at Home displayed by Homesteading.

Homesteading provides you links to 15 Hand Warmers. They include heart-shaped hand warmers, crochet ones, and some made from flannel shirts, t-shirts, fabric scraps with essential oils, squares of fabric, felt scraps, flannel fabric, old socks, and an old sweater.


I still love leopard print garments. Lion Brand has this free pattern that I would love to knit.

Leopard Sweater (Knit)

leopard sweater
Leopard Sweater by Lion Brand Yarn

This pattern is rated intermediate and involves charted colorwork. The sample was knit with the bamboo yarn Truboo Yarn by Lion Brand using US Size 9 circular needles.


Join the current sewing craze. Learn to sew by taking online classes.


Weaving without a loom by Kate from The Weaving Loom.

Kate shows you how to weave without a loom. This is her first post on this “yet to be identified” project. She shows you how to set up the base. 

Weaving Without a Loom Part 2

Kate discusses some of the problems she encountered in weaving without a loom. She secures the warp and starts to weave with chunky yarn.

Weaving without a Loom Part 3

Kate shows you how to remove just a part of the yarn you’ve already woven to add in a different yarn. Then weave a unique piece that is long and slender.



Browned Butter Flounder with Lemon Snap Peas

by Zosia Cooks

Image by Zosia Cooks

Keto Chicken Parmesan

by Delish

delish 191212 keto chicken parmesan 00394 landscape pf 1578344554
Image by Delish

This past week, I interviewed Knitwear Designer Jessi Carson of Olive & Pearl Knits.

Jessi Carson
Jessi Carson Olive & Pearl Knits

Saturday Greetings 94 Final Thoughts

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Have a great week!



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