Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

by Cheryl Moreo

Spring Home Maintenance
Spring Home Maintenance Checklist 1

Home Maintenance for Spring

Spring cleaning is essential when Spring is in the air. Now, is the time to perform all of our Spring Home Maintenance Tasks.

Your home just survived the winter weather. Keep your home in good shape by performing the tasks outlined below. These tasks will help get it ready for the summer weather. 

Check the exterior drainage

To ensure that rain moves far enough away from your foundation, make sure that the soil slopes away from your foundation walls. Allowing water to penetrate your foundation and basement promotes mold, mildew, termites, and basement leaks.

  •  Foundation vents and screens

Remove leaves and debris from the vents. Repair any holes so that varmints cannot enter.

  • Clear gutters and downspouts

Remove leaves and debris from the gutters. If you see grit in the bottom of the gutters, your roof may need replacing. Make sure that water can flow freely through the gutter and downspouts and away from the foundation.  Reattach gutters that have pulled away from the house.

Inspect the following areas during your Spring cleaning:

  • Clean siding and check for peeling paint

Pressure wash your home’s exterior. Keep painted surfaces in good repair by scraping off any chipped and peeling paint and spot painting exposed surfaces.  

  • Air conditioning

Have a qualified heating and cooling contractor clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning system. Change interior filters regularly.

  • Remove limbs touching the outside of the house.

Trim branches of shrubs and trees away from your house before leaves grow and while you can see individual limbs. Keep branches 5 to 7 feet away from your house so they can’t conduct moisture onto your roofing and siding.

  • Stair rails for loose connections

Check any stair rails and repair if they are too loose.

  • Clean Windows and Screens

Wash the exterior windows

Check your window frames and sills for wood rot. Remove rot and repair and paint.

Repair/replace damaged window screens

Check that any caulking and weather stripping is intact and re-apply if needed.

  • Inspect roofing for damage and leaks

Look for curled and missing shingles, rusted and pitted flashing, and cracked caulk around pipe collars, skylights,  and other roof penetrations.

  • Check outside faucets

Check outside hose faucets for freeze damage. While you’re at it, check the garden hose for dry rot.


Remove all of the furniture and plants from your space.

Remove cobwebs using an extension-handled cobweb duster.

Sweep or blow all the debris from the area. Pressure wash or scrub the area.

Clean up BBQ

Clean up flowerpots and get ready for planting

Yard gets Spring Cleaning, too!

  • Get lawn equipment ready


  1. Check the spark plug
  2. Change the oil
  3. Replace the air filter
  4. Sharpen the blade
  5. Clean the deck
  • Plants/Shrubs

Trim trees/shrubs damaged by winter weather back to the new growth. Trim overgrown plants/shrubs back.

  • Clean out flower beds

Prune flowering perennials to a height of 4–5 inches and ornamental grasses to 2–3 inches to allow new growth to shoot up.

Cut back and divide perennials.

Rake out fallen leaves and dead foliage (which can smother plants and foster disease), pull up spent annuals.

  • Aerate the lawn and fertilize
  • Check trees for interference with electric lines
  • Clean out shed
  • Walkways and Driveways

Repair any cracks and broken or uneven surfaces to provide a safe, level walking area


  • Replace the windshield wiper blades

Don’t wait until it rains to discover your wiper blades are bad. Get into the habit of changing them in the Spring. Top off the wiper fluid.

  • Change oil and filters in the car; check belts and hoses
  • Review  the auto manual for scheduled maintenance
  • Check the brakes

Download this handy Spring Home Maintenance Checklist to assist you in your spring cleaning. If you don’t already have access to my free resources, complete the form below. Otherwise, log in to my Free Resource Library.

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