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loom knit stitch dictionary

Loom Knit Stitch Dictionary Book Review

Are you ready for the next step in Loom Knitting? Want to spice up your hats, scarves, bags, and more? Then, this is the Loom Knit Stitch Dictionary is for you!

Make a hat for your cat with loom knitting!

Loom Knitting Explored-A New Appreciation for the Craft

Yes, you read that correctly–loom knitting explored!  My first knitting loom experience was years ago with the big white plastic loom and a pick. Gauge was extra-large.  You had to double/triple your yarn. Mostly, they were for hats and scarves. Instructions were only for, what we now call, the e-wrap cast on and knit. An e-wrap knit stitch is a twisted knit stitch.

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