Weaving Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Weaving Wednesday
Weaving Wednesday, July 6, 2022 7

Weaving Wednesday

Welcome, to the first Weaving Wednesday.

Below you will find information, patterns, tutorials, and more about weaving.

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HGA Convergence
Weaving Wednesday, July 6, 2022 8

July 15-21, 2022
Knoxville Convention Center, Tennessee

HWGA Convergence

Handweavers Guild of America is hosting their 25th Convergence® in the Smoky Mountains for 2022! Convergence is the ultimate international fiber art experience. There are exhibits by fiber artists from around the world, seminars/workshops, tours to private artist studios, and fiber art marketplace shopping for the latest tools, materials, yarn, and more.


I love Little Looms magazine. If you weave on or want to weave on small frame looms, pin looms, rigid heddle looms, and other small looms, this magazine is a treasure chest of ideas and instruction.

Little Looms Magazine
Little Looms

Weaving Suppliers

Weavers often ask me where they can buy supplies. Listed below are two suppliers that have almost everything a weaver might need.

  1. Gist Yarn -They have weaving yarns, patterns and kits, equipment, and resources.
  2. The Woolery-The Woolery is the place for weaving, spinning, felting, dyeing, rug hooking, and knitting.

Drafting Designs

Janet Dawson of Handweaving.net, your #1 source for gorgeous drafts, now has a brand-new Draft Editor! And for a limited time, this fantastic new tool is available for FREE with a Handweaving.net subscription.
Using this new tool, you can:

  • Create new drafts
  • Edit any of the 75,000 beautiful drafts in the searchable draft library
  • And it works seamlessly with all other powerful editing tools – the Color Editor, the Profile and Block Drafting Tool, the Draft Repeat Tool, and the Amalgamation Drafting Tool

If you aren’t familiar with Janet Dawson, she is the outstanding weaving instructor featured in the Craftsy class on floor loom weaving. I highly recommend her class.


Serendipity Scarf

Serendipity Scarf woven with sock yarn
Image by Handwoven

Handwoven designer Joan Sheridan’s sock yarn and mohair boucle Serendipity Scarf is a free pattern for 2-shaft or rigid-heddle looms.

Clean Lines Bath Mat

Clean Lines Bathmat
Gist Yarn Image

Warp and weft-faced blocks create the minimal design of this bath mat by a structure very similar to rep weave that only requires two shafts. As you weave, alternating thick and thin weft picks form a “bol linear” pattern. This mat is sturdy, absorbent, and adaptable—try creating a different color palette or changing the order of the blocks.

Loom Type: 2-shaft table or floor loom at least 24″ wide

Skill Level: Intermediate

Inspiration for Weavers and NonWeavers

In her recent blog post, Rebecca Mezoff asks, “WHAT WOULD YOU WEAVE IF YOU KNEW YOU COULD NOT FAIL?” I found the question very poignant as this is something that faces me all the time. I start to do something and then start doubting myself. I, too, have that judgy voice in my ear telling me my ideas aren’t good enough? I urge you to read her post.

After reading her post, please come back to this post and write about your feelings in the comments below.

My Weaving Posts

You can find my weaving blog posts here. Also, my recommended patterns are here.

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